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About Me

It's always been food

Hi beautiful food lovers, foodies and food enthusiasts. My name is Olajumoke, also known as Jummy. I am a Nigerian-born British girl who has always enjoyed seeking out and experimenting with various spices and seasonings. My mother can tell you all about my love for spices as I would usually sneak in the kitchen, adding what I believed was missing into whatever she was cooking. Til this day she still does not trust I haven't added anything into her pot when she leaves me alone in the kitchen and to tell you the truth, I still do (sorry mum).
For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed cooking and I believe this is because I always had a close relationship with my grandma and would be glued to her hip while she was in the kitchen. At secondary school my most enjoyable subject was food technology, making scones and pizza and generally just having fun and learning how to be safe and creative with food preparation.
I have created this blog to share both my African(Nigerian) Heritage and my British influences as well. Every dish I create is usually done the Jummy way, and I hope these dishes bring as much excitement and joy to your taste buds as they have mine, my family and friends.

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